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Metal Roof Installation Services In Raleigh NC

The number of homeowners choosing metal roofing systems is increasing every year. In terms of longevity, energy efficiency, and low maintenance costs, there is simply no other roofing option that can compare with a metal roof. There may be questions that you have about the metal roof installation process, which we will answer here.

Choosing an experienced contractor with experience installing metal roofs is one of the most important factors. A faulty installation and improper workmanship can result in poor performance (such as leaks) and a poor overall roof aesthetic.

Metal Roof Installation Cost

Metal roof installation costs in the United States generally range from $5,300 to $14,700. For a standard-sized home, you should expect to pay around $10,000.

Metal roofs require an initial investment, but can save you thousands over the course of several decades. A roof’s cost is determined by factors such as the type of metal used, its thickness, the roofing style you choose, and labor costs.

Can You Install A Metal Roof Over A Shingle Roof?

A metal roof can almost always be attached to an existing shingle roof. Among the many benefits is that they eliminate the need to remove the existing roof, which is a time-consuming and costly process.

Even though metal is extremely strong and durable, it is very light, weighing less than one pound per square foot, compared with up to four pounds for asphalt shingles. Metal roofing over existing shingles does not significantly increase the structural load on the home.

A metal roof installed over an existing roof can save you money by reducing the need to completely remove the old roof, as well as provide increased insulation above your home to prevent heat and cool from escaping.

Can A Homeowner lnstall A Metal Roof?

Metal roof installation isn’t a project you can tackle with your friends over the weekend. It is necessary to hire a trained roofer for accurate results, as well as to benefit from a warranty. Poor installation can lead to a roof falling apart in a matter of months, costing you time and money. Our roofing installation company first asks you to schedule a free consultation, when you will choose between our different roofing options and establish a clear budget. After that, we will begin the process of installing a new roof on your home. We will then begin working on the project in a timely manner by dispatching contractors who specialize in roof installation.

It’s true that time is money and that you’ll spend less on labor the faster we finish your project. Plus, respecting your privacy and respecting your property is important to us, so we do not want to be in your face for long. In order to make sure the process is not an eyesore for our neighbors, we’ll clean up the mess every day. Your roof will be brand new in no time, and we can all be proud of it. In addition to providing greater protection for your home, roof installation will also add value to your property, making it a wise investment in your home. By hiring an expert roofing installer, you can be sure that the materials used in your roof will be of the highest quality while being assured that your family and possessions will be safe and sound inside your home.

Metal Roof Consulting

We can answer any questions you may have about your current roofing system or about your plans for upgrading. Let our experts assess your roof honestly and thoroughly.

Contact our friendly customer service team and we’ll give you a free quote after inspecting your roof.

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